For over 12 years we have provided thousands of shoes for diabetic & orthopedic patients

Superior Healthcare Supply is a national company based in Miami Beach that specializes in therapeutic footwear and supplies. Since 2007, Superior Healthcare Supply has been providing the public with quality shoes and inserts. Because of our business principles and core values, we have great relationships with many shoe manufacturers and companies. This allows us to provide a variety of shoes for diabetic and orthopedic customers and patients at reasonable prices. Our shoes meet and exceed all requirements and criteria as set out by the HCFA and in compliance with all applicable federal and state licensure and regulatory requirements. The concept of diabetic footwear comes as a great relief for many who suffer from poor circulation, neuropathy, ulcers, and many other issues related to the feet.

At Superior Healthcare Supply, we believe in comfortable, quality footwear.


Dr. Comfort

Dr. Comfort products are for those at risk and provide uncompromised comfort, quality, and style for anyone looking for a great pair of shoes, inserts, compression or hosiery. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion shoe, activewear or daily use, our Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes and accessories will help support your feet all day long using the latest Dr. Comfort technology and designs. Nobody beats Dr comfort.


Born and raised in the emergent city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Anodyne represents the core of an age-old Midwestern culture – pride, dedication and hard work.
Dinner at a local restaurant in downtown Milwaukee brought together a collection of old friends that are more like family. This group had a common element among them – all had experience working in the footwear industry. All agreed that, sure, there was a mass availability of shoes in the market; however, a common concern was expressed – was there room for improvement? The answer, unequivocally, was yes.


Since its beginning in 1985, Propét has been driven by a mission to offer quality footwear for hard-to-fit feet. We believe in making shoes that don’t pinch, don’t slip and fit comfortably right out of the box. Comfort starts with fit so we offer the widest array of sizes and widths to ensure the perfect fit.


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